#10 – Flexibility

This flexibility gives plenty of options for clients wanting to raise affordable debt. Unusually for non-bank funding, these terms are available for loan repayments for almost any business purpose, including working capital, asset purchase and much more! The funding can also be repaid early with no early costs.

#9 – Experience

We have 35 years of experience in developing PLF as a valuable tool for business owners. We have specialists in every area of pensions management and administration who can advise, guide and assist your clients in securing the finance they need.

#8 – Make use of underutilised assets
Pension-led funding allows business to use underutilised assets to help secure the funding they require. For instance, many businesses have tremendous value stored in their Intellectual Property. Traditional lenders have difficulty in unlocking the value stored in these intangible assets.  The team at Pension-led funding understand these type of assets, and can advise where unlocking that value may be appropriate.

#7 – Funds for (just about) ANY business purpose

Did you know that unlike many commercial financing arrangements, funds released through Pension-led funding can be used for almost any business reason, including growth capital, working capital, repayment of Directors Loans, asset purchases, crown debt repayment and much more. It is really the most flexible form of finance available.

#6 – Repeat funding available; a real win for client and introducer!

Not only can Pension-led funding be used for any business purpose, but PLF clients can repeat the whole process multiple times! This means your clients can continue to grow their business and stay in control of their finances. Remember, we pay a further introduction fee for any further funds drawn from the pension for the life of the client.

#5 – No Personal Guarantees Required

For the business owner, the requirement to secure funding in their business by using personal guarantees remains a significant deterrent. The personal guarantee connects the personal life to the business life in a way that many find uncomfortable and unnecessary. Using Pension-led funding means that the business owners personal assets, such as savings and property are not put at risk.

#4 – Benefit from the Interest Payments

Pay the interest on the funding back to yourself. Yes, seriously! PLF is the only funding alternative available where the interest on the facility arranged is paid back to the borrower, in this case, into the pension.
Users of PLF can grow their business, while at the same time growing their wealth through their pension. Did someone say Win-Win!

#3 – The Perfect Funding Partner
Pension-led funding (PLF) can sit alongside any existing or future borrowing in a business, without affecting it. As the PLF finance arrangement is between the business and the pension, it is not affected by security or guarantees given to support other borrowing.
This makes PLF uniquely suited to being used as complementary funding, helping boost funds available while at the same time, not affecting other borrowing relationships.

#2 – Pension-led funding – the wealth builder
A unique combination of funding instrument and wealth building wrapper. There isn’t anything else in the world of commercial finance like PLF. Accessible, efficient and effective.

Finance your business and build wealth in a tax friendly environment. You and your clients need to know about the many benefits of pension-led funding today.

#1 – Freedom and Control

The Number 1 reason for using Pension-led funding as a business funding and wealth creation tool is quite simple. The business owner retains control over the funding, and their business. This unique feature of PLF can be overlooked sometimes by business owners locked into their funding choices by habit or lack of knowledge that there is an alternative.

Retaining control over the business, no requirement for personal guarantees, flexible repayment schedules, tax efficient wealth building in the pension and IHT and succession planning are just a few of the reasons that PLF remains the most compelling option to business owners.

Find out today if your clients can benefit from this innovative and effective form of finance strategy. Talk to Tom and get your questions answered.