The positive response to taking the Pension-led funding show on the road

Pension-led funding is a real alternative funding option for financial advisers and brokers to consider.
That’s not just our view but the positive feedback we received from a hugely successful day at the Finance Professional Show in Olympia Central.
But there is work to do. The challenge facing is to continue to educate advisers and brokers about what PLF could potentially offer their clients.
“It was great to get such a positive response from the IFA and broker community to Pension-led funding,” said Lewis Metcalfe from Clifton Consulting Limited.
“The message was clear that we still have plenty of work to enlighten them on how Pension-led funding can help the SME sector but everyone we spoke to were seriously impressed that there is a real alternative funding option they can discuss with their clients.”
If we ever needed reminding of the value of speaking face to face with people, a few hours at the Finance Professional Show in Olympia Central was enough to hammer home the message.
A number of Introducers signed up on the spot to the portal with another group showing an interest in working together and finding out more about the Pension-led funding proposition.
We will be following this up with a serious of one-to-one meetings to give these Introducers a more comprehensive guide to how this partnership could work and of our Prime Opportunity programme for referring clients.
As Lewis said at the end of the day: “Positive times for both Clifton Consulting and (sister business) Morgan Lloyd.”