Taming the tech for a date with UK Export Finance

I recently had the honour to address the national meeting of UK Export Finance, the government body concerned (clue’s in the name) with assisting exporters secure funding for their activities.

To those of you that read my articles that name may sound familiar. You may recall that, some six weeks ago or so, I wrote about a disastrous start to a presentation to a regional meeting of the self same organisation where my ineptitude with all things technology was laid painfully, and shamefully, bare and where my hosts had to intervene to get me set up right from first principles (on button).

Never one to let lightning strike twice, that particular episode prompted me to get my tech house in order, so to speak. Thus, subsequent to the events of that afternoon, we have not only purchased some new equipment, but also I have taken the time to make sure that I can actually work it.

And so it was that I rolled up to the national meeting full of confidence. For once, in this case, it wasn’t misplaced, and the whole thing was set up and working perfectly within a minute or so. I now rank on a par with Steve Wozniak when it comes to laptops, speakers, embeds and all things fiddly.

Presenting Pension-led funding to a room full of finance experts who are, almost always, unfamiliar with it is usually interesting, rewarding and sometimes challenging. In this case all of the above.

As is often the case there were so many questions and so much audience engagement that I ran horribly over time and got quietly, but firmly, told off by the organisers and earned myself a dirty look from the guy who was coming on after me.

Never mind though, the tech dragon was slain, more progress to be made, bring it on!