New – Coming 1st Quarter 2015 – Myviewpointportal

The Financial Services industry has a mixed history when it comes to embracing technology; more specifically, providing a satisfactory user experience of adopted technologies.

Electronic stock exchanges and online banking have been in existence for many years now, but only in the last few have they really come to terms with the user experience. Providers have often failed to understand that, as users, we really just want to use something that is quick, easy and trustworthy.

For smaller entities (IFAs, brokers and the like) the dream of offering truly comprehensive client-friendly, online experiences have been a dream, thwarted in large part by the twin obstacles of high (or unknown) cost and a lack of suitable user technical expertise.

For the last 8 years at Clifton and Morgan-Lloyd we have been building out our digital capabilities, leading to the summer 2014 release of Viewpoint, our 24/7 valuation product.

While online valuations of some investments have been available for a while, Viewpoint allows us to provide instant valuations for our complex SSAS and SIPP transactional schemes. As I write, we believe this is unavailable anywhere else and gives our customers a comprehensive view into their Pension-Led Funding schemes at the touch of a button.

But this is just the start of a significant project to allow our customers full insight to their Clifton and Morgan-Lloyd journey – Myviewpointportal

Myviewpointportal goes much further by offering an innovative, multi-track pathway overview through all transactions, allowing customers to ‘see what’s happened and what’s next’ in their processes. There are also options to upload and download materials, an easy 24/7 ‘Ask a Question’ option and all this as well as always-on access to their investments and pension portfolio.

While maintaining a tight control over customer data, we also want to respond to common issues by offering easier ways for customers to input data into our system so that they can do this when they want to and are not shackled to working hours.

I am excited to reveal that the first iteration of Myviewpointportal will be released in the first Quarter of 2015. Further innovations will be rolled out as the year progresses.