Talking business over breakfast

[image type=”thumbnail” float=”left” src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/07/Rise.png” alt=”The Rise in alternative finance”] chairman Adam Tavener and Dr Louise Beaumont explored the rise of alternative funding at a breakfast event in Birmingham’s Hotel du Vin.
The sell-out session, hosted by our partners on the ABF portal Legion Trade Finance, looked at the current alternative market place and recent developments in an engaging presentation from Louise, head of public affairs and marketing at GLI Finance.
This was followed by a detailed look at the journey and timelines that got us from concept to the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act legislation.
Adam’s lively presentation look at the key events and behind the scenes lobbying that led to the successful inclusion of bank referral legislation in the Act.
Around 60 professionals, intermediaries and funding providers attended the event characterised by a sparky and engaged questions from the audience.
The event was hailed a huge success with lots of positive feedback.

Hosting at the Alternatives and Receivables finance conference May 11, 2015

Next Monday, May 11, I will be hosting a panel debate at the Alternatives and Receivables finance conference in Canary Wharf.
[image type=”thumbnail” float=”left” src=”/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2015/06/adam.jpg” alt=”Adam Tavener” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]
In what is billed as one of the day’s most important sessions, I will be putting questions to sector leaders about, among other things, the move towards greater collaboration between alternative and traditional funders, the likely impact of the new bank referral legislation and the advisory role that the new environment implies for traditional funders.
These are exciting and important issues for the SME funding community to get to grips with, and I am fortunate to have on my panel some real sector leaders such as Dr Louise Beaumont of GLI Finance, Ari Last of MarketInvoice, Jeff Longhurst of the Asset Based Finance Association and Jonathan Willder of Catalyst Finance.
The subject of alternative finance and its relationship with traditional funders always elicits strong responses from both camps, with the alternative funders almost evangelical in their desire to deliver change, and the traditional sector pointing out that they still, overwhelmingly, deliver the vast majority of funding by volume into the SME market.
I expect the debate to be lively, well informed and informative and, with luck, we can conclude it without real blood being shed!
I hope you can make it, please do join us if you can.
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