Resilient SME Finance Option Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

2,500 clients – £300mn funding

Pension-led funding, developed by the pension specialists at Clifton Asset Management plc, celebrates 30 years since launching to business owners throughout the UK.

PLF has provided £300,000,000 of funding to SMEs in every sector of the economy during this time.
Clifton chairman, Adam Tavener, recently commented “what’s really interesting is the enduring resiliency of PLF. When we developed PLF as a commercial approach to business finance and pensions, we did not foresee events such as the financial crash or pandemic. No one could. But while other forms of finance, banks and other lenders have seen their businesses buffeted by the changing circumstance, PLF continues to be a viable option for business owners”.

Based just outside Bristol, the PLF teamwork with businesses throughout the UK.

“The investment we made over the years in robust systems mean we really didn’t break stride,” says Neil Greenaway, Group Managing Director. “Our advisers and support teams communicate daily with clients and providers. It has been eye-opening to see the way we moved from off to online in a matter of hours.”
Pension-led funding uses the wrapper of the pension, usually a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) to facilitate the pension becoming a silent partner with the business. This can then interact with the business through loans, purchasing assets such as commercial property and much more.

A PLF deal is always a ‘pension-first’ proposition, with the emphasis on appropriateness and security.
Clifton research has shown that fewer than 20% of business owners are aware that this innovative form of finance is available to them, and Clifton is preparing to launch a major campaign of awareness over the next 6 months to alert business owners who may be feeling significant stress at present, that they may well have alternatives that will work for them.

Clifton Group Business Development Director, Anthony Carty, noted “business owners have never been under the pressure they feel right now. They feel that all their hard work could be jeopardised by circumstances beyond their control. We are here to say that they can keep control over their business and their finances and should at least explore if PLF might be right for them.”

Pension-led funding is a product developed by the innovation team at Clifton Asset Management Plc and other innovations can be seen at

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