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How Pension-Led Funding Could Kickstart Your Business

Entrepreneurs are meant to be young, tech-savvy types whose determination and self-belief are rivalled only by their addiction to trendy coffee shops. But while there are no doubt plenty of people who fit the ridiculous stereotype, you’re far more likely to encounter something very different if you go and meet a room full of people who’ve recently launched their own business: expect to see plenty of grey hair.

3, March, 2017

Chasing the entrepreneurial dream: starting up isn’t just a young person’s game

A new generation of mature entrepreneurs (dubbed ‘olderpreneurs’) is flipping the retirement script, leveraging their savings and pension pots.

24, February, 2017

Esme and the Bank Manager – a spicy tale?

Adam Tavener of Alternative Business Funding asks if Esme will be your new love, or will she lead you on, only to let you down?

Accounting WEB
22, February, 2017

Taking an idea and running with it: Businesses which exemplify British scale-ups

Pension-led funding, from Clifton Asset Management, helps businesses access finance accrued in pensions.

17, February, 2017

SME finance – the invisible tidal wave

There is a generally accepted belief that it remains difficult for SMEs to secure finance. Rubbish.

Accounting WEB
20, January, 2017

Why SSASs should be regulated by the FCA

Finally, after years of the mainstream IFA and pension provider community crying out for tighter regulation around so called ‘pension scams’, Phillip Hammond has announced the outlawing of pension cold calling. About time too.

New Model Adviser
22, December, 2016

The self-employed – our biggest pension headache

The government has recently announced its intention to improve pension savings rates amongst the self-employed. This is understandable given the (relative) success of auto-enrolment in increasing pension savings amongst lower earners, and the shocking state of affairs as far as pension savings and the self-employed is concerned.

Accounting WEB
20, December, 2016

Pension scams, SSASs and the self employed

Firstly, some good news - more than six million people are now saving into a pension than in 2012. Quite a feather in the cap for auto-enrolment.

Accounting WEB
8, December, 2016

Bank Referrals – delivered without the crowd

I read an opinion piece recently that was fiercely critical of the new bank referrals regime. The author went as far as to call it 'pathetic', and seemed, frankly, quite cross about the whole thing. His main thrust appeared to be that it simply wouldn't work, and SME's seeking funding would be no better off.

Accounting WEB
25, November, 2016

Financial Planner fears SSAS could be hit by scam crackdown

A Financial Planning firm director fears genuine entrepreneurial investors maybe put off from using flexible pensions such as SSAS, following signals of a scam crackdown.

FP Today
25, November, 2016