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SME owners face retirement “time bomb”

A new report says small business owners in Britain have unrealistic pension expectations and could be sitting on a retirement "time bomb".

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7, April, 2017

Guest Column: Businesses need better pension planning – Carty

Two years on from the introduction of Pension Freedoms, a new report finds many SME owners have unrealistic expectations of how much their pensions and businesses will contribute to their retirement, writes Clifton Asset Management’s Anthony Carty.

Financial Planning Today
6, April, 2017

Podcast: Small business owners face a retirement ‘time bomb’

According to a new report released by the Forum of Private Business and Clifton Asset Management small business owners are facing a retirement 'time bomb'. The report shows a bleak outlook for small business owners - particularly those aged 50+ - and their financial security. So what should small business owners and entrepreneurs be doing to secure their funds for later life?

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5, April, 2017

Small business owners fear they will outlive their retirement funds

Many small business owners expect to retire beyond 70 and have a pension pot of under £500,000

5, April, 2017

SME owners face a retirement ‘time bomb’

Small business owners in Britain have unrealistic pension expectations and could be sitting on a retirement ‘time bomb’ unless they change their mindset, according to a new report.

Business Matters
5, April, 2017

SME owners face a retirement ‘time bomb’

Many small business owners are expecting to work past well past the average retirement age of 70, or not even retire at all.

Small Business
5, April, 2017

Why running a business past 70 takes planning

Adam Tavener and Ian Cass examine the areas small business owners should be looking at in regards to their retirement/business planning.

Small Business
5, April, 2017

How Pension-Led Funding Could Kickstart Your Business

Entrepreneurs are meant to be young, tech-savvy types whose determination and self-belief are rivalled only by their addiction to trendy coffee shops. But while there are no doubt plenty of people who fit the ridiculous stereotype, you’re far more likely to encounter something very different if you go and meet a room full of people who’ve recently launched their own business: expect to see plenty of grey hair.

3, March, 2017

Chasing the entrepreneurial dream: starting up isn’t just a young person’s game

A new generation of mature entrepreneurs (dubbed ‘olderpreneurs’) is flipping the retirement script, leveraging their savings and pension pots.

24, February, 2017

Esme and the Bank Manager – a spicy tale?

Adam Tavener of Alternative Business Funding asks if Esme will be your new love, or will she lead you on, only to let you down?

Accounting WEB
22, February, 2017