Pension-led funding features in the ‘Ultimate Guide for SMEs’

The growth of alternative finance still has a way to go, if only to raise the profile of the funding options available.
With research suggesting more than half of SMEs do not have a clear understanding of alternative finance, an “ultimate guide” is a timely reminder for business owners up and down the country.
And no “ultimate guide” would be complete without the market leader in Pension-led funding and the second largest provider of alternative funding in the UK (source
Which is why Merchant Money, a finance provider for UK SMEs, has championed in its Alternative Finance “Ultimate Guide for SMEs”. takes its place in the “what are the best platforms for each form” section which focuses on the nine per cent of SMEs who are familiar with alternative finance but said not enough knowledge was the main reason for not using them.
The “ultimate guide” includes many of our partners on the Alternative Business Funding (ABF) portal. chairman Adam Tavener said: “It’s always nice to be recognised as the best of the business finance platforms.”

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