Why Pension-led funding is different

Yes, there really are a lot of ‘alternative finance’ options out there today for businesses looking for funding. P2P, Crowdfunding, new forms of Invoice Finance, Challenger Banks etc . . . to name just a few.
All funders are fighting for space in this market, and that includes us. Pension-led funding has to prove why our solution works and why you, as a finance professional, should give us any headspace.
Pension-led funding is different.
• PLF isn’t debt in the traditional sense. Business owners access under utilised pension funds. They choose to invest in their business, not some massive insurance company in the City.
• The interest on the finance from Pension-led funding is paid back to the pension. This can increase the business owners net worth, not bolster bank profits.
• No charges over domestic property, no personal guarantees, no regular management accounts, no renegotiation when further funds are required
Pension-led funding is significantly different. It is also not widely understood.
That’s why we would be more than happy to visit you at your offices to help shed some light on what is a really innovative and beneficial form of business finance.
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