Pension led-funding and Startup4ten coaching and mentoring services

Early stage businesses are notoriously difficult to arrange finance for. At the same time, the founders usually have tremendous energy and enthusiasm.

Matching exciting start ups with a viable funding source and the coaching and mentoring they need gives them the kind of start that can boost their chances for success.

Money and advice. It’s a winning combination!

The Startup4ten Online Accelerator has been designed to be affordable and accessible to everyone who wants to invest in their own future, and its role is pivotal in helping the entrepreneur make good decisions based on their objectives, the business landscape and the available resources.

There is no lack of entrepreneurial talent or good ideas, but implementation is key and that requires a blend of many things. There is also a lot of “business noise” out there for the entrepreneur to filter and the Accelerator keeps them focused on what is important to long term success, helping the business to manage this “noise”.

Pension-led funding is pleased to recommend the coaching tool, Business Basics™ as it provides a simple framework for entrepreneurs to work with and this integrates to a coaching and mentoring team who have all run successful businesses themselves across a range of industries. They bring business reality and the knowhow gained from solving different business challenges, as opposed to business theory.

Working with the framework and a coach from the Accelerator Team who has realbusiness experience, provides a blended learning approach, helping the entrepreneur and their team to see the business from a different and wider perspective and this helps the business to fulfil its potential.

As well as the online programme and one-to-one coaching, the team also host online sessions on different topics which are only be available to companies enrolled on the Accelerator. As well as acting as a vehicle for learning, these group sessions can also help entrepreneurs to build their business network from within the Accelerator and you never know what opportunities can come out of the connections you are still to make in life.

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