How it works

Where does this finance come from?

As a business owner you may have accumulated funds in a variety of pensions throughout your working life. These funds may be in the form of an occupational pension, or alternatively in some form of private pension.
More importantly, business owners are often frustrated at the lack of performance of their pension funds and their inability to use them productively.
That’s where Pension-led funding comes in
Clifton Asset Management Plc, has spent more than 20 years developing and refining pension-led strategies to suit business owners and your unique concerns.
As a natural result of this development Clifton understand that you are busy people and want, indeed insist on, two things; simplicity and execution.
And that is exactly what Pension-led funding provides. A simple answer to a complex question. We can make your pension work harder for you. When you choose Pension-led funding, you choose to arrange your business finance in a wholly different way, centred on your needs and your circumstances.
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By creating an arrangement where your pension becomes a silent partner with the business, you build a platform for future funding requirements, while also meeting the needs of today.
Once the funds are introduced into your business you can use them in many appropriate ways, whether to invest in new machinery or software, recruitment, a franchise business, or to provide working capital.
Personal guarantees and charges over domestic property may not be required.

Pension-led funding unlocks value

Ecco Gelato loaned £75,000 secured against gelato machinery

What happens next?

The Clifton team works one-to-one with you in developing an appropriate solution to your funding requirements. This strategy is then administered by a highly trained technical team boasting in house capabilities in trustee services, pensions management and more.
This “all round” capability allows Clifton to work with clients across many areas, something that will be quite new to many business owners!

So when is Pension-led funding most useful?

While Pension-led funding is limited to the amount of pension funds available; this is really the only limitation. Whether to provide a deposit for a new franchise, finance an entire project or reorganise company finances, Pension-led funding can be utilised. Our experience tells us that most business owners have accumulated pensions worth between £50,000 and £1million; however there are no upper limits to the effectiveness of Pension-led fu​_nding.
Of course, there are a million and one reasons why a business needs to raise funds and where there is a pension available, Pension-led funding should always be one of the options considered.

How long does it take to receive the funding?

Depending on the source of the pension funds it can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to receive the funds into the business account.
Important Note: There will always be a comprehensive fact find and advisor meeting.
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Deal completed within six weeks from first meeting to money appearing in client’s account for USP Content

Service and responsibility

As a Clifton client you will be assigned an individual advisor. The consultant will help develop the strategy and assist in the set-up of the Pension-led funding account. The account will then have a dedicated support individual and a team assigned from the professional trustees. The team collaborate daily on each account and execute to high service standards.

What does Pension-led funding cost?

All Pension-led funding arrangements are individually priced according to a number of factors, including the amount of funding required and the complexity of the arrangements. A full menu of charges is available.

What are the risks?

As a business owner you are aware that all business decisions carry an element of risk. We firmly believe that in the current environment one of the biggest risks is exposure to an external lending source as the basis for the funding relies on their continuing goodwill and enthusiasm for investing in your business.
However, in common with all financing options you will review, failure to repay your funding, or otherwise adhere to the lenders terms of business, can have serious ramifications. Please discuss all the risks with your financial adviser.
Calculate your funds available
You can combine your pension with those of your fellow directors, spouses and other key stakeholders in the business.
Maximum loan available.
With no early redemption charges, the term is flexible.
To keep growing your pension we recommend a minimum of 8%.

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