Hold the front page

Well, it’s been quite a hectic couple of weeks.

After months of frenetic activity we (and our six partner funding companies) successfully launched our game-changing alternative funding web portal, www.alternativebusinessfunding.co.uk.

While it is early days yet, the overwhelmingly positive reactions in the press certainly give us cause for optimism that this site will be a real catalyst for change in this marketplace.

An excellent example of this coverage is this article in This is Money. The piece highlights the 250,000 business loan applications that are turned down by the High Street banks each year. If these rejected applicants can be pointed to our portal by the banks, I believe the businesses concerned stand a much better chance of receiving the support that they need.

More on this to come in the future.

Then last week we received a much appreciated boost to our mission when we won the Business Moneyfacts Best Alternative Funding Provider 2014 award.

In a glittering gathering in London we were presented with this prestigious award. The public acknowledgement of our work provided welcome recognition of the tremendous effort of our staff throughout the business, focused on providing the very best outcomes for our clients.

George Osborne rounded off this busy period with an extraordinary feat. His 2014 Budget contained something of a rarity in this modern age. A real surprise!

I’ll save the detail for a later blog, but suffice it to say that in a single stroke the Chancellor has both destroyed and created tremendous opportunities in the pensions’ industry. How it all shakes out is anyone’s guess at the moment, as I foresee the need for some significant changes before his proposals hit the statute books.

But, one thing is for certain, the twin areas where we operate, commercial funding and pensions, are unlikely to be far from the front pages anytime soon.

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