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Our quick calculator can act as a guide to the amount of funds available using Pension-led funding. The calculator also indicates how much might be repaid to the pension as a result. For Pension-led funding to be effective, a minimum of £50,000 combined pensions are required

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Businesses can take advantage of Pension-led funding by utilising pension funds held by participating directors, shareholders, their spouses and other key stakeholders in the business.

Interest and other investment returns are payable to the pension ensuring the scheme profits from its investment.

Quick quote is indicative and intended as a guide only. Arrangement and administration fees apply.

The example above is for loans from a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) and must be secured with a first charge on assets of greater value than . The interest rate set must be at an appropriate commercial business funding rate.

The loan is restricted to 50% of the scheme value and must be repaid in equal instalments over a period not exceeding 5 years. Failure to repay some or all of the loan will result in a loss to your pension fund equal to the sum not repaid and could result in tax charges. Other types of Pension-led funding options (PLF) are available.

PLF is a complex strategy and subject to regulated advice. Any funding proposal involving pension transfers will need to be individually assessed for suitability. PLF is one method of funding your business and should be compared with other funding options. Remember that a pension is a long-term savings vehicle to provide retirement provision for its members. The value of a pension may go up or down.