From the Horse’s Mouth

A recent article about securing funding by Guardian regular James Caan – entrepreneur, venture capitalist and former Dragon – makes a couple of simple, yet intensely important assertions.

“In business, it is my belief that you must always keep moving. You can’t grow a business if you stop investing in it.”

James then asks, “What road to growth is right for success?”

This question is very much of the moment.

From newborn start-up, not yet out of the incubator, to the Grandaddy business celebrating its first 100 years of trading, they all require the oxygen of capital.

James Caan describes some of the available options that businesses have for raising finance and also describes some of the obstacles and objections that many business owners have for these forms of finance.

But, the reason I was taken by the article, was really the last line where James delivers a piece of advice close to our hearts when we are talking to business owners about pension-led funding.

“Ultimately, don’t be scared to invest in yourself, because it’s the greatest investment you’ll ever make.”

Hear, Hear James.

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