Frequently asked questions

How much of my pension can I use in my business?
Depending on your circumstances, you could invest up to 65% of your pensions into your business.
I’m not 55, can I still do this?
There are no age restrictions with Pension-led funding.
I’ve got multiple pensions, can I combine them?
Combining pensions will increase the amount you could potentially raise.
What rate of interest will I pay?
The interest rate has to be commercial, although this will be accruing back in your own pension fund.
My business partner/spouse also has pensions, can they contribute to this?
Your business partner/spouse can also utilise their pensions to invest in the business.
I’ve been told I can’t do this by my current adviser . . .
Pension-led funding is a specialist form of pension investment, meaning not all advisers will know how to do this.
My business is a start-up, can PLF work for me?
There are options for businesses in the start-up phase.
I’m looking to buy an established business, can I use PLF to achieve this?
Yes. Company takeovers are possible using Pension-led funding.
What happens to any funds that I don’t invest in my business?
The balance left in the pension will continue to be invested at your discretion.
Will I have to pay tax?
Pension-led funding is a commercial transaction between your pension and your business. Tax may be payable on pension drawdown.
I’m looking to refer a client to speak about Pension-led funding, how do I go about this?
Please visit our introducer page or give one of our team a call.