Proud of our clients


Client Case Study: Assured Products

Assured Products logo

Peter Graham's Assured Products company needed an influx of cash to help it grow. The banks didn't want to lend and Peter and his partner didn't want to lose any control of the company...

"Without pension-led funding, Simon and I would have had to have given up and gone back to working for someone else." - Peter Graham, Assured Products


Client Case Study: Coulon Stone

Coulon Stone logo

Stonemason Simon Coulon has no doubt that pension-led funding helped him save his business...


Client Case Study: DMACK

DMACK logo

Dick Cormack now runs a multi-million pound rally tyre business, but in DMACK's early days production money was needed to top up a loan from the bank...

"Without we would have struggled to have even produced our first tyres." - Dick Cormack, DMACK Tyres


Client Case Study: iKoustic

iKoustic logo

A noisy New Year’s Eve party was music to the ears of businessman Rick Parsons. A neighbour’s complaint sounded like an untapped market and the business opportunity he had been waiting for. The idea for soundproofing specialists iKoustic was born.

“I am borrowing the money from myself for my company. I can’t lose. iKoustic has contributed more to my pension in the last year than any other single investment. That is a positive feeling all round.”


Client Case Study: Luxus Home Fragrance

Luxus Home Fragrance logo

"It wasn’t like going to a bank. Lewis [consultant] actually came and listened. He took the facts and the figures and came to see what we were about. I felt Clifton had faith in us as a business."


Client Case Study: Only Natural Products

Only Natural Products logo

Tea for two! Keith Garden is serving an English tradition worldwide after Pension-led funding helped put finance in the pot to launch an export-led business success.

‘The relationship with Pension-led funding has been superb. The advice and assistance given has been really strong, communication has been at a really good level,’ - Keith Garden


Client Case Study: Rainham Industrial Services

Rainham Industrial Services logo

Rainham Industrial Services has a £50m group turnover and intellectual property and a trademark valued at £1m, thanks to the foresight of its eight directors - and help from


Client Case Study: Rapax Worldwide

Rapax Worldwide logo

Karl Grimsey wanted extra funding to grow his design and manufacturing business, but didn't want to give up any control...

"I had a pension sat there doing nothing and I had a business that needed cash to get started..." - Karl Grimsey, Rapax World-wide


Client Case Study: Sealwise 2014

Sealwise 2014 logo

Two cabinet makers from Somerset who set out to install kitchens locally are about to revolutionise the industry with a potential £50 million turnover global business . . . while one battles a crippling illness.

"Without Clifton we would not be where we are now. When you invent a product you hit some real lows. Everyone thinks it is glamorous when it is working but in between it is really hard times. Clifton have been brilliant, all the advice we’ve had from the team has been first rate. And, honestly, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Clifton."


Client Case Study: Solec Energy Solutions Ltd

Solec Energy Solutions Ltd logo

Renewable energy specialists Solec have ensured a sunny outlook for their business by staying one step ahead of the game.

“We knew it was alternative finance we had to look at. Pension-led funding made perfect sense to me."


Client Case Study: Turtle Doves (Not Just Gloves)

Turtle Doves (Not Just Gloves) logo

Kate and Graham Holbrook are on a mission to establish Turtle Doves (Not Just Gloves) Ltd as the UK's most respected designer, manufacturer and purveyor of recycled clothes and accessories - and they're using pension-led funding to help them achieve their dream...

"I think many people would be interested in realising the potential of one's partner's business through using one's own pension."