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Client Case Study: ACWorldwide

ACWorldwide logo

Every entrepreneur hopes their business will be a global success and ACWorldwide have taken their inspiration from a galaxy far, far away.

"The restrictions on the Pension-led funding deal weren’t there to hinder, they were there to protect my investment as well. It’s been a massive help to me. If you use the money from the pension properly, Pension-led funding is well worth doing.”


Client Case Study: Bay TV Liverpool

Bay TV Liverpool logo

Chris used to inject capital into his TV company without ceding any ownership…


Client Case Study: Careers in Fitness Global

Careers in Fitness Global logo

Careers in Fitness Global has joined the technological revolution and become a mooc (massive open online courses) provider, with the help of

"David from was so helpful, he came to my house, explained everything, kept me informed throughout the process and agreed clear time scales." - Charlotte Dean


Client Case Study: ES Global Ltd

ES Global Ltd logo

Reknowned for their expertise in staging and artistic temporary structures, ES Global's directors needed finance for a management buyout...

Jeff and myself are now the very proud owners of ES Global. We really could have not got there without your energetic input and continuously delivering on commitments made. Olly Watts


Client Case Study: Felbrigg Lodge

Felbrigg Lodge logo

DeeDee Lomax found herself on a rollercoaster when she started running her Norfolk hotel.

“The banks only offer you an umbrella when the sun shines. I thought I would be working for the bank but now I’m working for my pension fund, my money. When it comes to paying the bill at the end of the month I’m paying myself. I’m always happy.”


Client Case Study: Full On Sport

Full On Sport logo

Very few people get the opportunity to combine business with pleasure but Mark Lewis found the winning formula to launch Full On Sport.

"Alex (Stavri) was very helpful and made the whole process quite painless. I believe we would not have been in the position to hire staff and to expand into a second office without the help of Pension-led funding."


Client Case Study: Jigthings/Education Quizzes

Jigthings/Education Quizzes logo

The world of business finance can often seem puzzling but Colin King pieced together the solution with a little help from Pension-led funding.

“When I needed initial funding Pension-led funding came up with a solution – easy and painless.”


Client Case Study: Neil Bradshaw - Hotelier

Neil Bradshaw - Hotelier logo

Former sales manager, Neil Bradshaw and his wife invested in a hotel in North Wales, but plans to expand faltered when he was unable to get funding from the banks. So, he turned to

"I would highly recommend pension-led funding to other hoteliers because we all know the banks aren't lending to businesses like ours." - Hotelier, Neil Bradshaw


Client Case Study: PS Golf Ltd

PS Golf Ltd logo

Risk goes with the territory when running a business and pumping significant funding into the operation can take that to a new level.

"Using Pension-led funding meant I had an opportunity to carry on the business"


Client Case Study: Rapax Worldwide

Rapax Worldwide logo

Karl Grimsey wanted extra funding to grow his design and manufacturing business, but didn't want to give up any control...

"I had a pension sat there doing nothing and I had a business that needed cash to get started..." - Karl Grimsey, Rapax World-wide


Client Case Study: Rapid Retail

Rapid Retail logo

If your business is based on building and renting retail units and kiosks to some of the most dynamic brands in sport and leisure – such as Nike, Adidas, and Arsenal - then the ability to raise finance quickly is vital.

"We knew about the alternative funding sector and had even used it before we were contacted by Clifton Asset Management. They talked to us about Pension-led funding and we thought it was an absolute win-win because we could invest in our business while gaining tax-effective pension growth – the perfect solution."


Client Case Study: Shambles Tavern

Shambles Tavern logo

A generation of successful people are reaching retirement and asking the question: What do I do next? Keith McLean’s mind was made up for him.


Client Case Study: USP content

USP content logo

Media group and Grand Prix experts USP Content needed extra funding for future TV contracts. Funding Circle was unable to help but recommended pension-led funding

"Deal was completed within six weeks from first meeting with Consultant to money appearing in client's account"