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Client Case Study: Aiden Flynn - Exploristics

Aiden Flynn - Exploristics logo

Aiden Flynn’s clinical data analysis business, Exploristics, used to invest in computing infrastructure for a new product...

"I didn’t realise that existed but I wish I had found out about it earlier. It’s a very important alternative source of funding for companies on the cusp of realising the potential of their business"


Client Case Study: BaseMAP

BaseMAP logo

Steve, Richard and Simon needed funding to accelerate the growth of their company, Basemap…

"Pension-led finance offered many advantages over traditional bank financing which is more restrictive and requires personal guarantees. In addition, this option provided the opportunity for our pension scheme to receive a commercial return" - Steve Swindon


Client Case Study: Carbon Law Partners

Carbon Law Partners logo

The date is etched into his memory. September 15, 2008. Sat in the offices of a private equity firm about to give a pitch to raise £10 million to launch a new national law firm, which he believed would transform the relationship between a lawyer and client, Michael Burne watched in disbelief.

“Why would you have new shareholders when you can use your own money through your pension to get the return that will probably beat the returns you will get through ordinary investments?”


Client Case Study: Careers in Fitness Global

Careers in Fitness Global logo

Careers in Fitness Global has joined the technological revolution and become a mooc (massive open online courses) provider, with the help of

"David from was so helpful, he came to my house, explained everything, kept me informed throughout the process and agreed clear time scales." - Charlotte Dean


Client Case Study: ExecutiveSurf

ExecutiveSurf logo

Rod Bailey's global talent gateway, ExecutiveSurf, was looking to expand and recruit additional staff. Extra finance was needed, but the banks wouldn't lend

" fits well between the dinosaur banks and the wacky world of crowd-funding." - Rod Bailey - ExecutiveSurf


Client Case Study: fdu

fdu logo

FTSE, AIM and Nasdaq-listed companies are turning to a team of executive search specialists with a proven track record of finding the cream of the executive crop.

'If you have belief in your own ability and your partner, the returns are potentially very good. I went into it (Pension-led funding) with an open mind and was very impressed by how I was treated by Alex Wheeler'


Client Case Study: HIPCOM


Savvy entrepreneur and Cloud communicator Allan Murdoch sold his business for a multi- million pound sum. Why did he use pension-led funding?


Client Case Study: Ice Blue Sky

Ice Blue Sky logo

Financing a transition from design agency to content marketing specialist proved challenging for Ice Blue Sky, until the team discovered the portal and pension-led funding.

"It is an incredibly beneficial way for businesses of our size to gain funding. I will now always use Clifton and have no doubts in my mind they are fantastic at what they do" - Jeremy Graham-Cumming


Client Case Study: Imaginet

Imaginet logo

Nigel Roberts wanted to expand his website design business, but banks weren't willing to lend without tangible assets...

"This is a way of gaining ownership over your source of finance." - Nigel Roberts


Client Case Study: Imspired

Imspired logo

Steve Chapman invented a new stationery product and needed cash to buy stock and start promotion. He approached the banks, but they would only lend money on confirmed orders. He'd read he could use his pension to help his business and approached

"I would highly recommend to any potential business owners who know they have a viable product or service to offer." - Steve Chapman


Client Case Study: Lamont Jones

Lamont Jones logo

HR specialist company Lamont Jones was looking to grow...

"I feel I'm in control of my business, rather than the bank." - Heather Jones


Client Case Study: Rimilia

Rimilia logo

Rimilia delivers cash allocation software solutions but managing director Chris McGibbon needed his own funding fix to finance the growth of his business. Pension-led funding provided the key to unlock the potential within the company.

"The process for Pension-led funding made us nervous at the outset. However, the advice and support through the process has been second to none and has been one of the soundest investments we have ever made."


Client Case Study: The Winning Box

The Winning Box logo

The call has gone out to British business to embrace new global markets, set their sights on new horizons and look beyond the Euro zone. But one office space company with an international flavour needed funding to attract foreign start ups wanting to set up in Britain.

"We had two options and took a risk with something we didn’t know. But it was essential for us or we would lose everything. Now we have started to rent out space and the money is coming in."