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Client Case Study: Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee logo

Predicting the rise of the coffee house, Ian King was one of the first Costa franchisees in the UK. When he needed money to refurbish one of his stores he turned to another rising star - and its innovative form of funding...

"I would recommend this form of financing to other franchisees as an alternative to banks. You can immediately see the advantage of lending money to your own business." - Ian King, Costa franchisee


Client Case Study: Ecco Gelato

Ecco Gelato logo

When Chancellor George Osborne introduced Pension Freedoms in April 2015, Andrew and Philippa Tarling could not have imagined this would spark a new career as luxury ice cream makers.

"Our business will grow our pension and the children’s inheritance money faster than almost any other investment."


Client Case Study: Felbrigg Lodge

Felbrigg Lodge logo

DeeDee Lomax found herself on a rollercoaster when she started running her Norfolk hotel.

“The banks only offer you an umbrella when the sun shines. I thought I would be working for the bank but now I’m working for my pension fund, my money. When it comes to paying the bill at the end of the month I’m paying myself. I’m always happy.”


Client Case Study: Hungry Monk

Hungry Monk logo

The challenging times taught Paul Dawbarn not to take no for an answer and now his hunger to succeed is driving a restaurant business appropriately named the Hungry Monk.

"I was in a deep hole and pension-led funding got me out and back in business again. I would recommend pension-led funding to anyone in this situation through no fault of their own. I have been given a lifeline, this is life changing for me."


Client Case Study: Jasper's franchise ltd

Jasper's franchise ltd logo

After buying a Jasper's catering franchise, Mark Blunt needed working capital to grow his business...


Client Case Study: Land Rover Coffee

Land Rover Coffee logo

Ethical coffee company Land Rover Coffee wanted to grow its business without giving personal guarantees or handing control over to the banks...

"Everything has been managed with great professionalism, clarity and a can-do, realistic business attitude.... we look forward to the continuance of our working relationship" - Ian Crean, Chief Bean


Client Case Study: Neil Bradshaw - Hotelier

Neil Bradshaw - Hotelier logo

Former sales manager, Neil Bradshaw and his wife invested in a hotel in North Wales, but plans to expand faltered when he was unable to get funding from the banks. So, he turned to

"I would highly recommend pension-led funding to other hoteliers because we all know the banks aren't lending to businesses like ours." - Hotelier, Neil Bradshaw


Client Case Study: Shambles Tavern

Shambles Tavern logo

A generation of successful people are reaching retirement and asking the question: What do I do next? Keith McLean’s mind was made up for him.


Client Case Study: Yacht Catering Company

Yacht Catering Company logo

The Yacht Catering Company was looking to expand and take on more staff...