Proud of our clients


Client Case Study: Graham Page

Graham Page logo

Farmer Graham Page started a new business after selling off his beef herd - but money was needed to invest in stock...

" helped me do what everybody said couldn't be done..." - Graham Page


Client Case Study: Land Rover Coffee

Land Rover Coffee logo

Ethical coffee company Land Rover Coffee wanted to grow its business without giving personal guarantees or handing control over to the banks...

"Everything has been managed with great professionalism, clarity and a can-do, realistic business attitude.... we look forward to the continuance of our working relationship" - Ian Crean, Chief Bean


Client Case Study: Oceans ESU

Oceans ESU logo

"Oceans ESU turned to pension-led funding to finance a new sales and marketing strategy - and returned for extra funds to grow the business..."

"Pension-led funding seemed to be a much better type of finance for businesses generally and especially those that banks struggle to understand. It clearly gives a business greater security." - Michelle Gill, Director Oceans ESU


Client Case Study: Solec Energy Solutions Ltd

Solec Energy Solutions Ltd logo

Renewable energy specialists Solec have ensured a sunny outlook for their business by staying one step ahead of the game.

“We knew it was alternative finance we had to look at. Pension-led funding made perfect sense to me."