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InXpress London & City is a family-run business, and part of the inXpress franchise group. Their aim is to save small business owners time, money, and hassle with their deliveries. Businesses that sell their products online are all too aware of the numerous challenges involved in the delivery process.

For InXpress London & City, there was just one thing waiting to be delivered… funding.

Kevin Fitzmaurice, Managing Director of InXpress London & City, needed £100k of funding to cover the set-up costs of the franchise.

Having seen the business opportunity, Kevin wanted to understand how he could best finance the project without borrowing money or re-mortgaging his family home, whilst also remaining in complete control. Enter Pension-led funding (PLF).

“I had spent some considerable time weighing up the business opportunity, and when looking for financial support, my advisor presented a series of options given the current climate. All of these steps must be taken, like everything there is a risk involved but only a risk in my control.” Kevin said. Staying in control is just one feature that presents itself when using your own pension for funding.

Working to a deadline, Kevin needed a well-managed solution, a challenge the Clifton team were more than up for. “The process was incredibly straightforward and well managed. Very knowledgeable team. Alan Crook, (Senior Financial Adviser at Clifton), understood exactly what I was looking to do and set about launching the process to achieve my objective”. Kevin said. “Once we were agreed on the plan, Heather Harding (Adviser Support at Clifton), was super in making sure everything was chased down and brought together. For me it was all about achieving a specific deadline to enable us to capitalise on the business opportunity – this was achieved in the main by Heather’s constant support and facilitation”. “As a family-run business, we understand the importance of relationships.” he added.

“Kevin’s enthusiasm for his new business venture and the robustness of the InXpress proposition makes for a great example of how Pension-led funding can support the establishment of a new franchisee company. Indeed, Kevin’s company is the second such InXpress franchise we have helped to fund in recent times using PLF. I am very much looking forward to working with Kevin and his family over coming years during this exciting period.” Said Alan Crook. Like many other small independent businesses, Kevin was looking to secure funding that could help him during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Fortunately, this is something Pension-led funding had delivered throughout this period of serious disruption. “It’s been a difficult time, fortunately for me PLF has enabled us to generate a third revenue stream which protects us from a similar situation next time round. We clearly would have wanted the opportunity to meet people face to face but in terms of the practicalities of getting everything in place, there were no obvious hurdles, Kevin said.

But what could this mean for other small business owners, and should you consider your pension as an alternative source of funding? “I would absolutely recommend PLF to other business owners, especially where they may be holding a number of pensions, and some are better re-investing now over relying on them when you retire. I am certain that the investment I have made today will generate a much bigger return later in life. Critically, it’s about weighing up your own financial situation, talking to experts and gathering the necessary information to make the right decision.” Kevin said.

“Pension-led funding can work extremely well for fledgling businesses, particularly where there is a robust franchisor underpinning the company’s plans. Provided the risks are fully understood and deemed suitable by a qualified and experience adviser (based on the director’s individual financial circumstances and objectives) it can be a far more attractive option than other forms of 3rd party lending.” Alan Crook spoke on Pension-led funding’s suitability for a business franchise.

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