Mr. Cable’s Business Finance Partnership. Really?

“Small businesses struggling to access credit are to be given a welcome boost with £110 million of new funding, Vince Cable announced today.The Business Secretary pledged £55 million of Government funding – through a scheme called the Business Finance Partnership – to peer-to-peer lenders and other finance suppliers. 

Match-funding from the private sector is expected to lever in a minimum of £55 million, making at lea...
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UK businesses explore finance options

Business owners have had to deal with a lot of changes since the onset of the current financial meltdown in 2007. Not least being the fundamental way that lenders have had to respond to circumstances by changing, often drastically, their attitude to individual businesses.I talk to a lot of business owners who are simply confused as to why good, long standing relationships appear to have been replaced by (as the borrower sees it) by a short-term v...
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