A rich seam of opportunity

In various earlier pieces we have looked at how, very often, economic, and financial crises lead to
a spike in individuals deciding to set up their own business. For those involved in providing
services to SMEs this can be very good news indeed as, clearly, hundreds of thousands, if not
millions of new businesses will need a ll kinds of products and assistance, one such being funding.

Within this cohort of opportunity there is a really important subset who have, statistically speaking,
had the highest success rate in establishing and growing a viable new business from start-up to
maturity – the “Olderpreneurs”.

Olderpreneurs, as the press has dubbed them are, loosely, over forty five years of age and have
the distinct advantage of considerable workplace experience and connections when establishing
their own enterprise. They also, usually, have personal assets to leverage when getting started so
funding is easier to achieve. Paramount among these useable assets is an accumulated pension
pot from earlier employment which can be deployed, immensely effectively, to fund their st art up
using Pension led funding. This is great news for both them and the introducing advisor.

Don’t miss the opportunity. When talking to clients who may need funding, either to start or grow,
look out for the signs:

  • Older individual?
  • Has assets in a pension somewhere?
  • Looking for finance?

The above is a perfect mix for an introduction to Pension led funding. Earnings for you and, of
course, a very grateful client.

Happy days.

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