A Christmas message from our chairman

Wow, where did that year go? It seems like it was just last week that the team here at Clifton were heading out for the annual letting down of the hair . . . and possibly oneself.
A lot of people have said the past 12 months have gone by in a blur. Well, in my case that’s actually true, since, between June and now, I have become the proud owner of two new metal knees. A heady combination of anaesthetic and longer-term pain relief has meant that most of H2 was, for me, an actual, rather than metaphorical blur.
As a consequence my long-suffering colleagues have had to step up and take on stuff that I would normally do and I am really grateful for all the help and pitching in that went on. The other school of thought is that my absence wasn’t really noticed, as nobody really knows what I do anyway. Who knows? It’s just good to be back.
If we have one core priority here at Clifton, it’s that our customer experience should be exceptional, always.
In order to achieve this you must have a team that are engaged, motivated and empowered to think for themselves to deliver great outcomes. As each year passes, we try harder to get better and better at delivering these benchmark interactions.
It seems to me that Christmas 2015 is yet another high point for all concerned. It really is hard to overstate just how much we, the directors, appreciate the effort and cheerful enthusiasm that both Clifton and ML staff bring to their tasks, often up against difficult timescales and challenging technical obstacles.
Clifton clients have, in every case, had to make a decision to trust us with their assets. In many cases they have also had to trust our advice and the strategy for business finance or financial planning that we devised for them. The sums involved here are often significant and frequently account for all, or a good portion, of an individual’s long-term savings.
We are acutely mindful of this, and respectful of the confidence that you show in us by taking that decision.
Good outcomes for delighted clients is our goal, but that goal can’t be realised without your trust in the first instance, so our warm thanks for your continued support.
I hope 2016 brings with it prosperity, advancement and contentment for you, your families and businesses.
Merry Christmas