Pension-led funding can
help grow your business

Join thousands of business owners who have built their pensions
while providing finance for their business
  • The only form of business funding where the interest you pay on your funding is paid back to your pension
  • Growth and income in the pension remain tax free
  • No need for personal guarantees or charges over domestic property
  • Funds can be used for any business purpose

“This funding is enabling me to envisage growing my business at the rate that it should, because it’s a great business”

Rebecca Shorthouse, People Kaizen Ltd

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Monthly capital / interest payments
returned to your pension: £114.71
Total repayable over term: £6,882.33

I’m not yet 55, can I still use Pension-led funding?

There are no age restrictions with Pension-led funding

What interest will I pay and what happens to that interest?

The interest rate on the finance must be set at a commercial rate and will help build value in your pension fund

What happens to any funds that I don’t invest in my business?

The balance left in the pension will continue to be invested at your discretion

Will I have to pay tax?

Pension-led funding is a commercial transaction between your pension and your business. Tax may be payable on pension drawdown

What fees and charges can I expect?

Fees and charges for the arrangement and management of Pension-led funding are agreed in advance.

Invest funds already at your fingertips with
one of the largest providers of alternative funding in the UK

For more than 20 years Pension-led funding has provided valuable finance to business owners throughout the UK and across all sectors of the economy. Sourcing your funding directly through your own accrued pensions is a flexible and efficient alternative funding option, giving you more control and freedom.

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