The new pension-led funding

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The new pension-led funding quick calculator

Pension-led funding is an innovative financing option that allows SME owners to invest in their business using their own pension funds.

One of the biggest and now officially one of the best alternative funders in the UK.

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Case Studies

A nice pair of turtles

As any self-respecting Cockney should know, “Turtle Doves” is rhyming slang for gloves. But, for husband and wife team Kate and Graham Holbrook, it is also the name of a business which is establishing itself as the ethical face of fabric recycling. As well as now handling more than a tonne of recycled cashmere a […]

Dragons' Dented

Dragons' Dented

Even if your business ambitions get dented by Dragons or banks, pension-led funding could help you become your own Dragon.

Good for the Economy

BBC Breakfast financial expert Justin Urquhart Stewart looks at some of the alternative funding options available to British businesses.

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